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This article follows on from the previous blog post: What to do when your spouse has an affair.

**Please note: this article is intended for couples who wish to rebuild their marriage after an affair has ended. If your spouse is still having an affair, or you are wishing to separate, this article is not the one for you.**

If you’re reading this article, I can assume you’ve made it through the affair, and have decided to give your spouse and your marriage another chance. Good on you. This is not an easy decision to make.

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If you have just found out your spouse has had an affair, it will feel like the bottom is dropping out of your world right now.

You can’t sleep… you feel sick… and you want to get your old life back.

Everything is overwhelming and you have no idea how you’re supposed to react.

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It’s very difficult for someone to be betrayed by another person they’ve trusted the most. The easiest thing to do is to break down and cry when your spouse finds love somewhere else.

However, it is always up to you how you’ll handle yourself in this difficult situation. You can choose to file a divorce or you can stop and think on what happened and strive hard to find a win-win solution.

If you want to move forward and win against infidelity, the best thing to do is to pull yourself together and take control of your emotions. Allow yourself to hurt but not to the point of being irrational.

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