Negative feedback is something we unfortunately have to encounter throughout our lives, in many different areas.

We receive it from teachers, professors, bosses, family, friends, sports coaches, and sometimes even strangers.

But negative feedback is never harder to hear than when it comes from our spouse.

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It’s true: financial problems are one of the LEADING reasons behind divorce.

Often the shared management of money is a practical issue that isn’t really discussed or fully considered by a couple before they get married.

But soon enough, it can become a major issue in the marriage, which can put strain on the relationship.

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Today I’m going to be sharing with you some great advice from parenting and relationship gurus Ian and Mary Grant, co-authors of Growing Great Marriages.

We are going to be focusing in particular on how to re-gain a sense of ‘we-ness’ in your marriage when you and your spouse have started to feel isolated from one another.

Because marriage means building a life together, not having two separate lives running in parallel.

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Today I’m going to be sharing with you another piece of expert advice from psychologist and marriage guru John Gottman.

Gottman’s extensive observational research on married couples has shown the most effective way that you can restore emotional intimacy with your spouse on a daily basis.

The answer sounds simple but is so important for the long-term health of your marital relationship.

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How often these days do you see a couple out together who are both on their mobile phones, paying no attention to each other whatsoever?

Today I’m going to be discussing a very modern issue which many couples are struggling with in their relationships. An issue which is not talked about enough.

What I’m going to be bringing to light is the negative impact that overuse of technology can have on your marriage.

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Have you experienced a decline in your marriage since having children?

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing that things could ‘go back to how they were’ with your husband or wife?

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some ground-breaking research from psychologist and best-selling author John Gottman on how to handle the changes that children bring to your married life.

Gottman has spent over 16 years observing married couples and identifying what makes a marriage last. And through his research, he has uncovered the SECRETS to maintaining a happy marriage through the transition to parenthood.

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When your relations with your spouse reach the point of emotional withdrawal, your marriage has entered crisis mode.

At this time, your spouse has not physically left your marriage, but it will feel as if they are not there. They have stopped making any kind of emotional investment into the marriage, leaving you feeling rejected and a million miles apart.

Where you may have previously have argued about the issues in your marriage, now your spouse does not want to engage at all. They no longer try to discuss problems or even fight to get what they want.

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Is a drug addiction tearing your family apart? Do you suspect that your spouse may have become addicted to alcohol or drugs? Are you sick of the lies, the deceit and the pain?

Drug abuse is an ugly disease that even the most virtuous and highest achieving people in our society can fall victim to.

And unfortunately, this means some marriages also fall victim to drug abuse. When a spouse develops an alcohol or drug addiction, this usually has devastating effects on their marriage and family life.

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Does this sound like you?

You’ve had ongoing problems in your marriage for a while now. The same issues seem to be argued about over and over, and the atmosphere between you and your spouse is frosty at best.

The thing is, while YOU want to work through your problems and get your marriage back to a happier place, your spouse is not interested. He or she thinks there is nothing wrong with their behavior, and that everything that has gone wrong with the marriage is entirely your fault.

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Lucy and Chris roll off each other, sighing with pleasure and feeling like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. They embrace and kiss each other goodnight before falling into contented sleep.

Angela rolls away to face the wall as Mack gets into bed. They don’t touch or speak and lay awake in an uneasy silence until eventually they drift off into a restless sleep.

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