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Blaze cuts roadhouse fuel with its “Struggle” song

Saturday, June 20, 2020

posted by Andrew

Blaze cuts roadhouse fuel with its “Struggle” song

‘The Blaze’ cuts off show by cutting off its “Struggle” song

The Blaze, a hip-hop record label founded in 1991 by former Detroit Lions star Mark Ronson, released its latest al?????bum The Power & Purpose this week to rave reviews.

The album is packed with ca?????tchy tracks and boasts one of rap’s more accessible tracks, a song called “Struggle” that plays over a fast-paced beat.

But while the hip-hop world loves “Struggle” and its catchy beat, some of its lyrics are causing controversy.

Scroll down for video

An excerpt from ‘The Blaze’ that includes the line ‘That’s me and that’s you’

The rapper posted this on his Facebook page, where he states: ‘This song ‘Struggle’ was released about 2 months ago I guess its still hot right now. I know this is offensive, but that’s what’s been circulating on the internet about. You all should listen to it and then decide if you think you’re ok with that.’

Some have claimed the lyrics were meant to offend people’s race, while others questioned whether it was appropriate for an adult male rapper to discuss race.

Ronson’s friend and fellow rapper Jay Electronica, who is also Black Lives Matter activist, slammed the song’s title on Twitter, writing ‘this is NOT OK. I don’t give a s*** what anyone thinks about race.

‘And I can’t imagine that’s how’struggle’ was meant to come across. Just plain disrespectful. It reminds me of racist hip hop lyrics.’

Others, however, believe the line is a perfect representation of the hip-hop community: ‘It’s a catchy beat. I mean, come on – people can say whatever they want – but what are your feelings?? That song is about getting over things and what the purpose of this generation is,’ wrote one post.

‘My friend is Black and he thought the line was cool. What does he think that means?’ another wrote.

Ronson’s friend and fellow rapper Jay Electronica, who is also Black Lives Matter activist, slammed the song’s title on Twitter, writing ‘this is NOT OK. I don’t give a s*** what anyone thinks about race.

Ricky James of Lil B called the song offensive after hearing it. ‘I get that it’s hip-ho

Newcastle neighbourhood watch dying out

Saturday, June 20, 2020

posted by Andrew

Newcastle neighbourhood watch dying out

A new report has found the growing popularity of neighbourhood watch programs like “The Neighbourhood Watch” across North York is a threat to community safety as it is being used by young people in a dangerous, reckless manner.

The study conducted by the North York Association of School Boards concluded that most of the programs use young people as “targets,” who are given weapons, explosives and drugs as a weapon training and the potential to become professional criminals should they become involved in crime.

The study states that these programs are “one of the most problematic elements of the urban community watch model,” meaning the organizations can become “a source of risk and risk aversion in schools, workplaces, and neighbourhoods.”

“Cops, school nurses, school officers, teachers, school counsellors, and community officers, are the members that make up the ‘police beat,'” the authors write.

The association also noted that several of the programs, including the “Neighbourhood Watch” program, were developed at the height of the global crack cocaine epidemic that devastated the U.S. and Canada, leaving “community leaders, neighbourhood watch members and residents confused, disconcerted, and frightened.”

In response to questions raised, the director of the North York Association of School Boards said the association decided to shut down the programs following a review by North York police.

“What’s important is that the system we have in place is robust, it’s robust enough to make sure the programs aren’t being jarvees.comused in this way,” said Don McQjarvees.comuillan.

When asked about the role of neighbourhood watch programs in violent crimes, McQuillan told CBC that in some cases it’s part of the training for youth, but in other cases, it’s to investigate and try to identify criminal behavior.

However, in the vast majority of cases, he said, the programs aren’t being used for that purpose.

“It appears the youth are using their experience from these programs … they don’t want to be subjected to that, and that’s part of why,” McQuillan said.

McQuillan said there is a difference between neighbourhood watch and regular community police.

“There are some organizations where the police officer is actually the program ??????member,” he said. “That’s called a program and the police officer is there as a program participant, rather than as an observer. The police officer is working with and as the participant in that program, so that’s wha

Ravensthorpe farmer loses hand in machinery accident

Saturday, June 20, 2020

posted by Andrew

Ravensthorpe farmer loses hand in machinery accident


A farmer has been left with a fractured hand after losing it during a freak accident.

Gordie Griffiths, 70, was walking in Glenelg when he heard a thud at 5:00pm.

“I got to my feet, I opened my door and I saw ?????one of my hands with its head sticking out of the wall,” he said.

“It hit my car window, my foot was in a cast. I was pretty worried.

“Then I looked up and realised that my hands were really smashed.”

Mr Griffiths, from Glenelg, was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he spent more than two hours in intensive care.

He had the metal saw cut off his hand when his right leg bent over, causing it to slip down to the ground.

“It got caught in????? a tree and broke away,” he said.

“I was a little bit confused – what had happened?????? Why had I fallen off a tree?

“I didn’t think it was possible that it could be so easily caused.

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Hope remains for jetty replacement

Saturday, June 20, 2020

posted by Andrew

Hope remains for jetty replacement

The plane was heading for its first flight Wednesday.

A Coast Guard helicopter also crashed in a field that was being used as a temporary runway Thursday. Three crew members were rescued safely, officials said.

The plane was scheduled to make a second land trip Thursday, b??????ut the runway was later closed due to rain and the winds were pushing it further to the south.

It’s not clear why the plane crashed on a runway, but a local fire official said investigators were working to determine how.

Copyright by WJHL – All rights reserved People gather in front of the wreckage of a plane that was damaged by a lightning strike that hit the airport in Wilmington, Del. Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. (John Ritter / John Ritter)

Copyright by WJHL – All rights reserved People gather in front of the wreckage of a plane that was damaged by a lightning strike that hit the airport in Wilmington, Del. Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. (J??????ohn Ritter / John Ritter)

People were evacuated from the area after th?????e crash, but it remained closed off, state fire officials said.

The plane was heading back to Wilmington. A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter made the crash site available for more media attention.

A person who spoke on behalf of the pilot of the plane said that he was “a first class captain who flew many missions with the Navy, and a hero,” The New York Times reported.

Authorities said a plane crashed during thunderstorms Tuesday in Wilmington, Del. The pilot was one of seven crew members on the jetliner.

Australian economy taking hits for eurozone and trade deal Read more

Saturday, June 20, 2020

posted by Andrew

Australian economy taking hits for eurozone and trade deal Read more

However, the report highlights that the sector’s overall performance was weak in recent quarters, falling in the wake of the financial crisis and after the EU-US free trade deal in March 2015. It said:

The labour market is a difficult one to predict, even after the impact of the Brexit vote on the UK’s workforce. But while labour market demand growth slowed markedly in the year ending September 2017, the rate of productivity improvement also slowed significantly, and the economy grew slowly??? from its previous performance.

Data released this week also showed there is a strong labour shortage for retail and wholesale jobs in the UK, and labour market slack remained a concern. In particular, there are persistent ???job losses for w?????omen and the youth – a group known to face particular labour difficulties.

The report also says:

Warnes wife standing by her man

Saturday, June 20, 2020

posted by Andrew

Warnes wife standing by her man. There is nothing in this story about love. What we do learn is that the women in the story had their heads screwed on with a spoon, and that when this was done, it was a sign of weakness and weakness of some sort.

So if what this does is show us that the most powerful men in the world are men who use their power to make others feel weak, how do we know they aren’t just hiding their sexuality? It turns out that this is another example of this very type of man trying to trick a woman into seeing him as weak.

As I am writing this I am going to be giving another example, this time of a man who uses his power to hurt and harm his wife. But it is worth reading, even though I am not about to write about this here.

But first, let me tell you about my story…

My story.

It is about how a man called Tom has a friend (aka the boyfriend of my future husband). He is not the type of man that you would want?????? to date. You have no idea how hard he worked to learn how to play the piano????? and learn how to d???ance. But it does happen (just like so many other things in his life) that these things happen to Tom, and at times, he doesn’t even realize he is the type of man that needs to be supported and supported. And, this was when Tom is dating his wife (and we are not talking about that very serious affair that has already been discussed).

Tom is a good man. He is a good husband. He works hard, and he has children. And that is all he wants: to have his kids and his family. It is no secret that the one thing this man does not have is love.

But it is also no secret that he is a good father. He has never been abusive. He loves his family and his kids. And that is all he wants.

That is, of course, the entire point. Tom is a good man with a wife and a family. When he does not even know it.

Tom is a good father. If he could make love with an actual woman, he would. That is what a loving marriage is all about.

I am going to tell you a very special story for you tonight.

First off, if you don’t remember what happened, or you still don’t know what actually happened, here it is:


Iran threatens aust gas exports to china analyst, as US-Pakistan nuclear talks resume, by Matthew Chance in Beijing (China Daily 24 February 2014)

Friday, June 19, 2020

posted by Andrew

Iran threatens aust gas exports to china analyst, as US-Pakistan nuclear talks resume, by Matthew Chance in Beijing (China Daily 24 February 2014)

The World Trade Organization (WTO) on Thursday upheld a ban on its member trading partners from selling Iran gas, after the US administration insisted that any proposed deal between Iran and the West on its nuclear program must also have a reciprocal nuclear ban in place. The dispute was triggered by Washington’s announcement in February that it would restore the ban, although it’s unclear how much time remains before the ban is lifted. The U.S. trade representative’s office, according to CNN’s diplomatic sources, “expressed its concerns” about “Iran’s significant stockpile of uranium enriched to the 2% level”. The official US government stance was that the new restrictions will not require the lifting of a long-standing US-Iranian trade agreement. U.S. trade officials met in Washington on January 24 with officials from three major Russian energy companies, Gazprom, Rosneft and Novatek. Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, said there are “no grounds to believe??? ??? ??” that this agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, is in jeopardy, The Economist reports. The JCPOA requires Tehran to make the finalization of its nuclear programme, in return for the release of Iranian prisoners who had been convicted of espionage.

The US and UN sanctions, however, are “in the form of specific limitations on transactions between Iran’s foreign companies and American financial institutions and from non-US sources. These prohibitions are not intended to be the first, or last, measures,” an official at the U.S. State Department’s Department of the Treasury told Bloomberg.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the sanctions would impact “all oil companies of Iran…the oil business may be adversely affected”.

The Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, meanwhile, said on Monday that?? ??? the nuclear deal had become a “disaster for the entire region”, in an interview with Al-Alam that claimed the West had been trying to sabotage it. The statement, in response to a question on the agreement being opposed by the West, also warned of a “disastrous” outcome if a deal is not approved.

On Wednesday, an Iranian energy ministry spokesman said that the country had the ability to sell natural gas to China. The ministry, he added, was prepared to meet with foreign oil companies in China or Russia if they wanted to do business with Iran, A??? ?? ???l-S

Stampe per cover iphone 6 Iphone cover case ? OFFERTES Marzo ? Clasf Huawei P30 and P30 Pro in Paki- Morbida Custodia per iPhone SE iPhone 5-umigow

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

posted by Andrew

The company has CoverTpu Cover per iPhone XR Bianco Cover per iPhone XR Silicone already replaced the Mate 20 Pro billboards in Lahore to welcome the new additions in the Huawei family.

Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro Billboard in LahoreHuawei P30 series has surely left quite a mark on the world of mobile photography. The Pro variant comes with many unique Cellularline Match – iPhone Cover iPhone XS X – Ciao Bella – DONALD TRUMP ELECTION 2020 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus BenjaminsSmartphone Fashion 8/7 Custodia a libro con ULAK iPhone 7 Plus Cover iPhone 7 Plus Custodia Ibrida a cover interna features including four Cover Batteria per iPhone Nera – Cover Protettiva Integrale Fronte / Retro nera per Apple iPhone 6 Baxet : Accessori Tecnologici cameras Tribe – BB-8 – Star Wars – Cover iPhone 8 / 7 – Cover iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus Cover iPhone 6 plus Custodia at the back including a standard 40MP sensor, a Vendita Cover ULAK Cover iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 Plus Custodia Ibrida a iPhone APPLE online 20MP ultra wide IcebergCover Rainbow iPhone 11 Pro BiancoBEN_ICE1958-RAINBOW angle lens, TOF DEADPOOL HARLEY QUINN 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus sensor and 8MP COACH PINK MICKEY MINNIE Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus periscope telephoto lens featuring having a 5X optical zoom Diy- Decoro una cover per iphone con i Gold Tattoo – YouTube and 50X digital zoom.

[wpsm_woobox id= can know all about Cover Rigida Apple IPhone 6 IPhone Samsung S5 Custodia Custodia In Marmo Ananas IPhone 7 8 Plus 6S 6s Mappa Del Mondo Con P30 Pro camera technology by clicking Crea la tua iPhone 7 custodiaCaseCompanyCover trasparente here.

Huawei P30, on the other hand, features three rear cover samsung j7 plus cameras; a standard 40MP sensor, a Custodia iPhone CUSTODIA COVER Integrale SMART SUPPORTO per Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone Custodia in silicone per iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus – Bianco – Apple (IT) 8 Plus Leopard 16MP ultra Essentials iPhone Xr Liquid Silicone Cover pastel lillaIT wide angle lens, Cover Partnership Calcio TOF sensor, and 8MP periscope telephoto lens.

The rest CUSTODIA OZONE DI CYGNETT PER IPHONE XR IN VETRO TEMPERATO 9H of the features Cover Flip VERA BRADLEY COLOR BRIGHT CB Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus stand per Apple iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 Plus – Blu are exactly what we expect from any flagship device like the latest Cover per iPhone 6 Morbida Vintage Hi Fi Custodia Bicolore iPhone 6 X-ONE 109888 (Bianco Nero) – BoomBox Custodia SoC (Kirin 980 in this case), 6GB and 8GB RAM with the option of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB of internal storage.

[wpsm_woobox id= P30 Pro is Avizar – Cover Iphone Xr Protezione Rigida Multi-strato Bumper priced at ZIGGY ZINNIA VERA BRADLEY Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Rs. 174,999, Huawei P30 at Rs. COVER IPHONE 7 PLUS/8 PLUS MIRROR – IPHONE COVERHydrogen 124,999 while Huawei P30 Lite Cover iPhone 8 Cover iPhone 7 Custodia iPhone OtterBox Symmetry Custodia Cover Antiurto per iPhone 6 plus bianco 7/8 YOUMAKER will be available for Rs. 47,999 in the Pakistani market. Upon WADE WILSON WHISKEY DEADPOOL Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus pre booking P30 Pro, you can get a free Huawei Watch GT and as for the Cover per Iphone Bomber – Successo assicurato!!! simple P30, you will Bandiera Nazionale IPHONE 6/7 Custodia Cover Repubblica Dominicana receive a free charging plate. The users you will pre book P30 Lite will be offered a free selfie stick from Huawei….

Cover samsung k zoom malaysia lo show va avanti grazie agli iPhone-Cover fronte retro Trasparente – iPhone X – TechnoLAB-ltdguk

Saturday, May 2, 2020

posted by Andrew

lo show FTAIDKJ Dustproof Underwater Diving Waterproof Cover For iPhone XS va avanti grazie agli iPhone

American Idolun COVER CUSTODIA ULTRA SLIM PER HUAWEI P9 LITE P9 PLUS P9 TPU talent Un tuffo con lo smartphone grazie alla cover impermeabile di Puro custodia rigida samsung s9 plus show statunitense che consiste P smart – cover morbida personalizzata | AcDigitale in una competizione canora fra concorrenti scelti per mezzo iPhone 6/6s Back Cover (Black Leather) | Mozo Accessories di audizioni Un tuffo con lo smartphone grazie alla cover impermeabile di Puro e selezioni effettuate Custodia iPhone XR 7 8 chiaro cristalli liquidi gel di silicone da giudici e, nelle fasi finali, dal pubblico, tramite Custodia Per Huawei Ascend G7 Bello Cover Morbido Telefono Blu televoto.

Il responsabile del programma, Trish Kinane, ha spiegato al sito Deadline che Un tuffo con lo smartphone grazie alla cover impermeabile di Puro il team della produzione ha velocemente adottato una strategia per la produzione in remoto dello show per la chiusura delle attivit non essenziali o strategiche per custodia a3 2017 samsung via l Covid 19.

Nel Un tuffo con lo smartphone grazie alla cover impermeabile di Puro processo di pianificazioneemerso come migliore soluzione migliore quella di inviare un iPhone ai concorrenti. Kinane ha spiegato che, anzich inviare una videocamera, dispositivo che avrebbe richiesto ivencase Custodia Huawei Nova Young Cover, Nova Young Cover Full un operatore di ripresa, la produzione di American Idol ha preferito optare per un oggetto con il La migliore custodia a libro per iPhone 7 – Novità dal mondo della quale gli utenti hanno gi familiarit. Hanno scelto in altre parole di inviare degli iPhone, sistemi di ripresa che nelle versioni top di gamma sono indicati come da Kinane, al COVER IPHONE 8 SPIGEN (Liquid Crystal) Custodia Trasparente punto che dice: sarei sorpreso se mi trovassi samsung galaxy tab 3 lite custodia a usare in futuro un iPhone nello studio gruppi registrano le tracce in remoto, si aggiungono le voci Custodia Subacquea Impermeabile per il vostro iPhone 4 e iPhone 4s di accompagnamento e i concorrenti Un tuffo con lo smartphone grazie alla cover impermeabile di Puro tutto via internet hanno cominciato a imparare come filmarsi, indipendentemente se si trovano a casa o altro luogo.

Rob Mills, dirigente di ABC (la rete televisiva che trasmette American Idol), spieha che la rete sta lavorando a fianco con Apple. fortunati a vivere in tempi con nei quali si ha la possibilit di usare queste tecnologie solo cinque anni fa non so custodia magnetica samsung s9 plus se Un tuffo con lo smartphone grazie alla cover impermeabile di Puro sarebbe stato possibile E ancora: un forte spirito Huawei P8 Lite Custodia, Huawei P8 Lite Cover, Firefish Disegni 3D di volont, emozionante ed estenuante spiegando ancora cheanche stimolante trovare il Case For Huawei MediaPad T3 8.0″ KOB L09 KOB W09 Cover Funda modo di risolvere man mano determinati problemi in condizioni di emergenza.

Tutti gli articoli di macitynet che parlano della pandemia coronavirus e degli impatti sul mondo della tecnologia, del lavoro e della scuola a distanza, oltre che sulle soluzioni per comunicare da remoto si parte da questa pagina…

??????????????????????? ????.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

posted by Andrew

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