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They’ll only lose their confidence if they are kept in the

Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Clinton 2, Ypsilanti Calvary Christian 1: The season came to a bit of a frustrating end for Calvary Christian on Tuesday. Although his team had one win all season, coach Tim Hunter couldn’t help but think if his team was at full strength it had a chance of advancing to a Division 4 district semifinal. Instead, both seniors on the roster missed the beginning of the game and Calvary played the entire first half with 10 players.

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cheap jordan shoes “I thought John did a nice job cheap jordans online cheap jordans online,” Matheny said. “Got to a pretty tight spot in the third and to just give up the one, actually shouldn’t have given that one up either. But all in all I thought he did a pretty good job. It feels great cheap jordans online, senior safety Matthew Hawkins said. Its a great feeling to look up there and see a big zero up there on the board. I think you can probably tell when you turn on the film that we were flying around, just trying to execute the game plan the best that we could cheap jordan shoes.

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