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That the number of patients already on the wards combined with

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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cheap jordans online She said she has lived in the area for 48 years and that there haven’t been any shootings before in the neighborhood.Mily Bones works at Divinity Hair Spa, just feet from were the shooting occurred, and said she and the spa’s customers didn’t hear anything. When police started walking up and down the street with rifles, she locked the door to the shop so customers would feel safe.Department of Public Works employees were dispatched to the scene to inspect a catch basin at the corner where the shooting took place.One worker used a wand shaped metal detector inside the catch basin to look for a possible weapon. There was about 3 feet of water in the catch basin so the DPW dispatched a vacuum truck to suck the water out and store it in a self contained storage unit.It was unknown Tuesday if a weapon had been found.Leominster police referred all inquiries to the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, which wholesale jordans, by email wholesale jordans, said Leominster police and detectives assigned to the DA were investigating, and no more information would be released Tuesday cheap jordans online.

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