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Australian economy taking hits for eurozone and trade deal Read more

Saturday, June 20, 2020

posted by Andrew

Australian economy taking hits for eurozone and trade deal Read more

However, the report highlights that the sector’s overall performance was weak in recent quarters, falling in the wake of the financial crisis and after the EU-US free trade deal in March 2015. It said:

The labour market is a difficult one to predict, even after the impact of the Brexit vote on the UK’s workforce. But while labour market demand growth slowed markedly in the year ending September 2017, the rate of productivity improvement also slowed significantly, and the economy grew slowly??? from its previous performance.

Data released this week also showed there is a strong labour shortage for retail and wholesale jobs in the UK, and labour market slack remained a concern. In particular, there are persistent ???job losses for w?????omen and the youth – a group known to face particular labour difficulties.

The report also says:

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