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Ab fab gets la makeover, and with this new makeover, the guys were ready to turn their attention to the more challenging areas of the game and take on some truly scary foes

Friday, August 14, 2020

posted by Andrew

Ab fab gets la makeover, and with this new makeover, the guys were ready to turn their attention to the more challenging areas of the game and take on some truly scary foes!

This first chapter will dive head first into two of the most iconic characters to emerge from Star Wars Rebels, Tarkin and C-3PO. When Tarkin first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, I wondered how he could ever leave the Rebels, especially on the battlefield. Well, the question was answered, as Tarkin is now joined by Captain P??? ???hasma, and together they should not only be able to do some serious damage, but also take down even the most deadly of villains!

C-3PO will be joined by BB-8 who will serve as a handy pilot for your ship as well as a highly skilled fighter. While he may not possess the same reach as the other heroes of the Star Wars franchise, he is a capable fighter and could easily dispatch a large portion of a squadron easily. Additionally, BB-8 also has a great deal of speed as he can make a jump of over 50 meters during his attack. He should be able to outrun most of his enemies, and with the arrival of the new character, we have another great addition to the Star Wars universe!

While it is never going to happen if they make these characters, it is also never going to stop Tarkin from s?????eeking vengeance! With the ability to control a vast array of new weapons and a greater range of motion tha??????n ever before, Tarkin will have a huge arsenal of powers in his hands and he has the ability to transform into a massive space spider or simply transform back into a flying vehicle on the battlefield.

As Tarkin attempts to defeat Ahsoka Tano, he will need to employ a great deal of strategy to make his approach to the Dark Side successful. The only way that they can survive while gaining the Dark Side powers is to become more aggressive in combat and utilize the new powers at their disposal. While they do not currently have the most powerful weapons available in the series, this chapter will be filled to the brim with all sorts of power combinations and they will be looking to be a big threat to Tarkin’s forces.

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