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Action group appeals against biomass power plant ban

Action group appeals against biomass power plant ban

KARACHI: The Citizens’ Campaign of Sindh has appealed against the ban on solar power in the province of Sindh and submitted its written appeal on Wednesday.

“They (solar power) has been the greenest mode of power use in the province and we have to continue to help it,” said a spokesperson for the Citizens’ Campaign.

The appeal sought that all companies not using renewable energy could also make them available, adding that power costs would go down.

The decision will affect only two of the solar companies in Lahore as Sindh Power h??? [1]as also granted a license for the installation of the wind power plant at its Mahaazabad in Sindh.

But the Pakistan Renewable Energy Industries Ltd is against the solar power plant and told the C????? [1]itizens’ Campaign, “It is illegal under the relevant sections of the P????? [1]akistan Power Act. We hope this is addressed in due time.”