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Cbh appeals accc decision on grain expressways on the eastern side of the river (Kotia)

Cbh appeals accc decision on ????? [1]grain expressways on the eastern side of the river (Kotia)

A new district will be formed in Kotia, a spokesman for the government in Khadar has said.

An appeals court decision in October th????? [1]is year had set an interim deadline of August 25 for the??? ??? [1] local body to bring in a new district of 600 sq km, where the government could move for land.

At the time, Khadar said it would accept the court’s verdict immediately but would make an additional effort to expand to its existing territory.

Khadar will not appeal against the court’s decision as of now.

Kadar’s governor Mohammed Al-Fahmada, who is currently in Moscow, said his office was still awaiting a ruling from the Khadar High Court on whether to allow it to move ahead.

He said: “I have been in discussions with my government in Peshawar about its decision.”