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Grain grower wants state government to pay increased freight rates to be used to subsidise production of corn

Friday, August 14, 2020

posted by Andrew

Grain grower wants state government to pay increased freight rates?????? to be used to subsidise production of corn.

Growers can demand that State Government pay for certain types of transport to deliver their products and they can use that revenue for pu???blic transport, the Government said.

“If your food industry relies heavily on public transport, why shouldn’t the state be part of this process ?????too,” State Agriculture Minister Doreen Molloy said.

“I am encouraged that farmers who grow their own food, not just produce food for the supermarket, are putting forward some interesting ideas about whether their existing freight rates should be included in transport costs.

“I look forward to engaging with our farmers, food processors and stakeholders in coming months to explore the best model of getting the freight charges paid directly to the producer, as it would allow them to make the most of the transport options available to them.

“There is nothing better for the state than the best value delivered from food processing and growing.”

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