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Shellharbour deputy mayor outlines gm concerns

Friday, August 14, 2020

posted by Andrew

Shellharbour deputy mayor outlines gm concerns

The council’s chief executive, John Wilson, has said he will make it mandatory for council residents to demonstrate their right to live in Scarborough by holding a demonstration. He has said he hopes people will use the “community voice” in the p???rocess.

The motion, to be tabled on June 12, would introduce new rules that would allow residents to use existing and new street signs to determine if they are “in the public interest.”

In a statement, Mr. Wilson said the “community voice” will provide transparency andapronx oversight in the conduct of government business.

“The community voice will ensure that Council’s decision-making processes reflect the wide range of views of the Scarborough community, which will help ensure Council does the right thing for everyone as well as th?????e area at large,” the motion says.

Council’s policy on “community sign-off” would allow council members to express their own views about the council’s policy, without the involvement of the city hall staff and board of commissioners.

Under current rules, staff on staff will be required to write and present the policy at the annual meeting of Council, but staff is not mandated to sign off on policy changes.

Councillors are required to consult with staff on policy decisions at the annual meeting of Council. A decision about a change to a policy must be made by a vote of at least three of council, with at least one councillor casting his or her vote, and no longer than two councillors voting against the change.

A member of council or ward staff may request council to approve a policy change on the recommendation of a “community consultation committee,” which would include members from the public and civic organizations.

“To allow a member of council to seek their own view and input in the development of a policy proposal, staff would need to consult with the city hall staff, the public and the community to ensure that a community voice is heard at the next annual meeting of Council,” the resolution says.

“The process for this action also needs to reflect the role that council members will have in public life and in the decision-making process of council.”

At the 2016 Scarborough City Council meeting, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, along with his counterpart, Councillor Mary Norville, opposed the motion. Councillor John Parker, who was absent because he was working a meeting in Vancouver, also abstained in the matter.

The motion will be tabled on the May 23 annual meetin

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