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Adelaide fire heroes awarded for bravery in heatwave in Adelaide – March 29, 2017

Thursday, September 10, 2020

posted by Andrew

Adelaide fire heroes awarded for bravery in heat??????wave in Adelaide – MarSM ???ch 29, 2017

AUSTRALIA — A group of firefighters have been awarded $500,000 for their actions in a deadly fire in Adelaide on Monday morning.

The fire broke out on the roof of a home and ripped through the home’s roofing system. It destroyed the three-storey house.

Emergency services were called to the fire by a neighbour who was trying to save the house from burning.

Three firefighters from the fire department were on site to help contain the blaze but were forced out by the smoke.

Police say this is a “very dangerous situation”, according to ABC news.

Watch the first clip from the ABC news report

The department of public works says the fire broke out after a neighbor called to check on the home for any broken windows after the previous blaze had burned through the roof.

Three firefighters arrived on scene to rescue those on the roof and the fire was put out in minutes.

The $500,000 was announced in a statement by Mayor Andrew Stokes on Tuesday morning.

“The city and the fire service are deeply saddened to hear this sad news and hope it leads to a swift resolution for everyone involved and the residents,” the statement read.

Two firefighters who were on the scene at the time received medical treatment after the blaze, Adelaide fire spokesman Michael Nevin told the ABC.

Firefighter Andrew Ritchie was also injured after trying to help. His condition had been upgraded, and he was listed in serious condition today, Nevin said.

“It was a very, very brave and skilled fire, because that’s what they do, very strong, fast fire departments like the Adelaide Fire and Rescue Service,” Mr Nevin said.

“These guys are firefighters. They’re going to get killed and maimed in these fires.”

One firefighter is also in serious condition in hospital this morning, Mr Nevin said.

Police would not reveal the names of the two firefighters because their injuries had yet to be confirmed.

A spokesman for Adelaide Fire Brigade said emergency services would attend the home and would attempt to put out the flames.

“That’s pretty much all I’m going to say in terms of police presence at this point??? ???,” Insp Brett McComber said.

“We are working with the local fire brigade, with the AGL, and will assist the Australian Building and Construction Commission and the fire service.”

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