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Billionaire backs anti bush campaign – News Corp Australia

Thursday, September 10, 2020

posted by Andrew

Billionaire backs anti bush campaign – News Corp Australia

The $10 billion campaign to rid Australia of bushfires will help tackle climate change, and will support efforts to fight fires from the Amazon to China, the ABC has learned. The Government announced in April it was opening its first “Aboriginea Way” – the first Australian-led aerial survey, based on satellite imagery, of fire-prone areas. It will help to identify areas that are currently at risk of bushfires.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said in April he would support the “Aboriginea Way” aerial survey, which will give information about the causes of bushfires. Photo: Andrew Meares

“This is an international initiative and while it’s very costly – a l?????ot of work has to be done in Aus? ???tralia, on the ground, to make sure it’s sustainable,” Mr Hunt said on ABC’s Q&A program on Sunday morning. “But it’s one we’re keen to support, because we’re very much looking at the future and, of course, we have a role to play as leaders in the world when fires are part of the climate change equation.”

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s State of the Nation address, Mr Hunt confirmed that the Government had set aside $10 billion and would spend $11 billion to “support the creation of the Global Climate Change Action Plan” to meet its commitment to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Mr Hunt said it would target countries that currently had the highest bushfire emissions. It would look at areas like Europe and Asia. It would also look at areas where bushfires were in regiSM ???ons where there was little to no firefighting, he said.

Mr Hunt said he would also create the first Australian-led aerial survey of fire prone areas, taking more than 100 days to design, launch and deliver, and would look at mapping all Australian-based fires in the next two years. “There are huge amounts of fire in Australia and a lot of areas that are potentially fire exposed. We’re working very hard on identifying areas that are at risk of fire, especially in rural Australia,” he said. Mr Hunt said he didn’t think it was yet time to go on the offensive against climate change as the Australian public was still debating the matter. The Government is setting aside about $15 billion for bushfires prevention and control, including $7 billion for the “Global Climate Change Action Plan”.

“There has been an enormous amount of work put into bushfire prevention and the Department of the Environment’s work i

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