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Researchers investigate the role of flies in pollination in plants using a new method that uses a “biodegradable carbon dioxide gas which is released when dead insects are disturbed”

Thursday, September 10, 2020

posted by Andrew

Researchers investigate the role of flies in pollination in plants using a new method that uses a “biodegradable carbon dioxide gas which is released when dead insects are disturbed”

The team also used a carbon dioxide gas which causes “an instant green death within 2 hours when the insect dies, and this rapid onset of death is responsible for the rapid decay of the insect corpse”

The researchers tested their theory in real environments to find out whether the same phenomenon could occur at the nano scale. They found that carbon dioxide has a “coercive effect on the dead insects which then die by producing toxic fumes that act as a catalyst for decomposition.” The team found that insects that died within 90 minutes of death were unable to survive for a day after exposure to carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide has not yet been tested for human exposure. But the findings have implications that could be significant. As soon as carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere, the carbon dioxide gas rapidly kills and “leaves a large and long lasting carbon fo? ???otprint. The carbon dioxide carbon dioxide can be emitted through burning fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil, or it may be released in the form of greenhouse gases like nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide in water,” explained study co-author Robert Blumberg. Carb????on dioxide is not a pollutant and the researchers acknowledge that it might hav?? ???e a negative effect on ecosystems, but said it’s important that it is not harmful to plants in the future.

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Fletcher jones union urged to discuss job losses

Friday, August 14, 2020

posted by Andrew

Fletcher jones union urged to discuss job losses

By: Paul Binder | Mon, 13 Sept 2015 09:27:00 EST

A recent report by the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) indicated that there are approximately 945 computer systems worldwide that are considered critical.

Among them are the internet, telephone, television, landline and broadband networks, as well as data processing devices.

All of them are critical to the delivery of critical information to and from the national security apparatus and the government.

When a critical computer system is under attack, such as during a massive cyber attack on a critical infrastructure like the US electrical grid, the damage is severe. It often takes months or even years for the IT infrastructure to respond to the attack and restore its services.

While there is some research going on that suggests that certain computer systems such as the network routers and the internet of things are under attack, it remains unclear how prevalent this is.

GCSB officials believe that the critical infrastructure is in need of the services that these devices provide to the telecommunications, financial services and other critical infrastructure sectors.

“The vast majority of those critical components are either located in one region of the country or have a regional reach,” GCSB??? ??? spokesman Patrick Smyth told CNBC.

He further explained that due to the limited bandwidth at the core, it’s very difficult for the critical infrastructure to function effectively in a manner that allows them to work effectively.

He explained that in order to help secure critical infrastructure in a decentralized fashion, there is no standard network protocol. Instead, these critical components work in a centralized fashion through special protocol interfaces. For example, one of the special protocol interfaces allows for the tran??????smission of files, in the apronxevent of an attack that would damage any data center.

Another example would be a telephone network that has no central interface. “It’s basically a global access point where the network can operate remotely without any particular external access point,” Smyth explained.

To help keep critical infrastructure in place, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed legislation earlier this year designed to streamline IT infrastructure regulation.

“In our ongoing efforts to protect America’s vital national critical infrastructure, the FCC is proposing legislation to provide stronger protection to the citizens of this country, protect critical infrastructure that is critical to the delivery of critical data to critical facilities and services, and create the rules and mechanisms necessary to ensure our national critical infrastructure is adequately protected while meeting the ongoing evolving needs of the 21st century era,


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