Welcome to Save My Marriage Today Live!

Hello! I’m so pleased to introduce you to the official Save My Marriage Today! blog. In this space, Andrew and I will be introducing you to all the new developments in our product, news from the world of relationships, and resources of interest.

Most importantly, I want you to feel like we are here to help you in whatever way we can. You are not alone. Every day psychologists and sociologists are discovering new information about how marriages work, how marital satisfaction can be predicted, and the factors that lead to a marriage’s decline. Vast numbers of organizations are dedicated to the mission of developing stronger, healthier families. Support groups (including our very own Save My Marriage Today! Members Forum) help people in the same situation to learn from one another in a caring, supportive environment.

None of us are guaranteed a happy-ever-after marriage, especially given the chaos and stress of today’s changing world. Luckily, even though marital happiness rarely comes naturally, it is possible for all of us with the right amount of elbow grease.

Forget whatever has happened up to this point. Your marriage starts anew today. None of your old habits can hold you back if you truly desire change. I challenge you to educate yourself about what makes a good marriage then reach deelpy into your heart and ask yourself: am I practicing these principles? Remember … saving a marriage isn’t about changing your spouse. It’s about changing yourself.

Learning how to step more deeply into your role as a partner will not only result in greater happiness at home. It will also help you relate better to other people in your life. The more you can learn to love with vulnerability, communicate honestly, and understand before judging, the more you will feel loved, appreciated, and respected by everyone who comes into contact with you.

I hope that the resources available in Save My Marriage Today! give you hope, support, and encouragement in the great challenge that awaits you. Love is complicated and messy, but it is also the most enriching experience of our lives.

All the best,
Amy Waterman