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12-Part Premium Video Course. Watch online or download to my computer to watch any time! In this two-hour online program a team of experts discusses exactly what I should be worried about in my marriage, when a "problem" becomes a "crisis," and what I should do in detailed steps, whether I'm dealing with anger problems, conflicts over marital roles, balancing personal time with couple time, and more.

How to Change Your Partner from Addiction - Even When They Don't Want To! This course covers issues such as recognizing an addiction (whether it be drugs, alcohol, internet or gambling), addiction treatment, or getting enough from a relationship so that my emotional needs are also being met during this process. Broken into three half-hour segments, I will get the actual answers as called by the panel.

How to Save Your Marriage When Your Partner Has Cheated on You. Hosted by clinical psychologist Richard Wheeler, this 1-1/2 hour program will equip me with everything I need to know to identify infidelity, understand why it happened, and key issues and actions I need to do next.

How to Save Your Marriage from Money Problems. Not enough money? Too much money? Arguing over how money is spent? I'm going to find the answers to my money problems and delve into the deeper relationship issues with Andrew and the team.

How to Save Your Marriage When Your Partner Has Depression. Whether my marriage issues revolve around defining and recognizing depression in my partner, looking at ways of seeking treatment for depression sufferers, or creating a relationship that can recognize, talk about, and treat depression as a couple, I'm going to get valuable information about the best approach to depression from the team.

5 Study Guides. I'm going to build on what I have learned through reviewing the lessons in written form, opening discussion with my partner with the discussion guides, and completing the exercises. I'm going to take the information away from the screen and apply it to saving my marriage. I can refer back to key points – over and over again.

Bonus Audio Interview with Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay. What is it like to live with a spouse with a mental illness? How can you diagnose and help your partner if you suspect they are suffering from mental illness? I will discover coping techniques for living with the uncertainty of my partner's illness and what it takes to rebuild my life again.

Bonus Audio Interview with Relationship Expert Mimi Tanner. What are the secrets to becoming the person your spouse cannot live without? How can you make your love the kind everyone dreams about? I will discover secrets and tools to keep my spouse interested in me forever as Mimi takes me through her top secrets to being happier, more fulfilled, and more in touch with each other than ever before.

Personal Advice and Help with a Members Consultation: Still unclear about how to approach my marital problem? Contact the Save My Marriage Today! Team for more specific advice tailored to my unique situation. The team's consultation can help steer my marriage in the right direction.

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