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Discover Specifically How to Change Your Partner from ADDICTION - Including Alcohol Addiction, Substance Abuse, Gambling Addiction, Internet Addiction, & Work Addiction!

Why Do You Want to Discover the Secrets to Changing Your Partner from Addiction?

  • Is your partner receiving addiction treatment and you are struggling to support or understand what they are going through?
  • Do you wonder what it takes to understand and support your partner through an gambling, alcohol or drug addiction and its withdrawal?
  • Are you tired of your marriage where you're the one doing all the giving and supporting and never getting what you need?

  • Are you tired of your marriage where you're the one doing all the giving and supporting and never getting what you need?
  • Do you wonder whether it's still possible for you to get your old partner back, the one you loved before their addiction took over their life?

Whatever your needs are, this online course (in video, audio, and ebook formats) is designed to present proven alcohol, drug or gambling, or internet addiction solutions for women and men who are dealing with partners who have these addictions.

How to Change Your Partner from Addiction will empower you with a comprehensive range of specialized information and techniques and arm you with effective solutions to the most common issues faced by partners of addicts. Better yet, it does so in a reassuring way that makes it CLEAR and INSPIRING to learn and put into practice!

There's no doubt you'll be impressed by what you see. You'll end up with a new understanding of what an addiction is and how to support your partner through this to an effective resolution in a way that will amaze you and impress those around you. is building on the success of Save My Marriage Today, its premier marriage-saving tool for couples in marital crisis, to create How to Change Your Partner from Addiction. Thousands of couples worldwide have used this unique course to work their way through their marital problems and recreate love in their marriages and learnt valuable lessons for all aspects of life in the process.

It's time for YOU to claim the addiction-free relationship that you deserve!

From: Andrew Rusbatch
April 01, 2018
11:30 am

Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated with the quality of relevant marriage and addiction advice on the market? Tired of wading through pages that are boring and dry just to discover that the information seems more appropriate for counselors and doctors rather than real people in real relationships? Got questions that still need answering?

Well, all that is about to change, with the introduction of the most revolutionary Marriage and Addictions Advice online course for real people on the market today. From the producers of the internationally acclaimed and best selling marriage saving guide, Save My Marriage Today, comes an online course that delves deeper into specific marriage and addiction questions posed by partners of people troubled by addiction.

This course was created with YOU in mind! You're about to discover amazing secrets for saving time and frustration by learning the best and most revolutionary methods to acknowledge and unferstand addicts and how to help them overcome their addictions, without wasting time using techniques that don't work. The results speak for themselves!

No matter whether you're recently married to an addict, have been married to one for a few years, or are only in a long-term relationship with one, this information applies to you. You're going to save time, money and aggravation. In virtually all cases, there is so much you have to learn! You will be amazed by these specialized thoughts and insights into addictions that can be the key to understanding so many different subtance or behavioral issues.

Join myself, Save My Marriage Today's Andrew Rusbatch, along with Amy Waterman and guest clinical psychologist Richard Wheeler, as we provide the answers to a range of issues and problems specific to marriages affected by addiction.

Dealing with AddictionsWhether your question has to do with recognizing an addiction, which can be difficult if your partner has lived with one for years; addiction treatment, which can be amazingly difficult once the withdrawal process sets in; or getting enough from a relationship so that your emotional needs are also being met during this process... you'll get the actual answers as called by our panel.

Watch Richard, Amy and myself as we hash out the most common issues that couples face in marriage and dealing with addictions and addiction treatment. Each of us has had years of experience bringing out the best in people through coaching, counseling, and providing top-notch information designed to achieve success in your personal life.

Who is Special Guest Richard Wheeler?

Richard Wheeler is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who specializes in working with adults. He works with those in transition, offers life coaching and support for those experiencing stress, anxiety, trauma, depression or problems in their relationships. He also works as a business mentor and coach.

Richard WheelerRichard has been in private practice now for almost 30 years and was previously Director of the Bishopdale Family Health Counselling Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Richard is married to Margaret, and they have two adult children, Ben and Chris. Richard's hobbies include tramping, painting and reading. Most weekends he's found mowing, weeding and caring for the six thousand trees they have planted on their lifestyle block.

Here's Why Our Course is Different!

Unlike other courses out there, we believe that you're past the stage where you need to be told that addiction is bad and you should do something about it.

Most people don't even realize that taking a serious approach to overcoming addictions involves a structured and methodical approach. Simply begging them to quit or issuing hollow ultimatums are no longer as effective as they used to be, and are not the key to a healthy and supportive approach to overcoming addiction.

I don't need to tell you that there's a big difference between a bad habit and a serious addiction.  But what you may not realize is that if you are not using techniques that are designed specifically for dealing with serious addictions, you'll find that your efforts will be largely wasted.

Begging and pleading simply won't do it when it comes to creating a relationship free of addiction that will stand the test of time.

What you need is a course that specifically addresses your challenges as a partner of a person troubled by addiction, and provides you with hope, real ideas and effective techniques you can adopt to help your partner.

If you…

  • …are in a less than satisfactory relationship...
  • ... are not sure how to define a habit or addiction...
  • ... are not sure if your partner's behavior is a serious addiction or not...
  • …have left a relationship and having a trial separation because of an addiction…
  • …are worried about the amount of time or money your partner is spending on their addiction…
  • …have hit a brick wall when it comes to talking to your partner about their behavior…
  • …are in an unhealthy relationship and want to know whether you should stay or what you could do to make it better…

…then "How to Change Your Partner from Addiction" is the course that you cannot miss!!  It focuses on issues for those who are emotionally involved with people who are exhibiting signs of an addiction, and it's packed full of mind-blowing insights and crucial tips for those people who are the often forgotten casualties of addictions in relationships.

Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn in this
Amazing Online Course:

In this course (in instantly-downloadable video, audio, and ebook formats) you'll get a powerful introduction to what an addiction is and how you can identify whether your partner has an addiction or not. Don't get stuck wondering what is wrong with your partner and what to do about it!

You'll get to listen in as we discuss questions like... how do you bring up the word addiction with your partner? What are the causes of an addiction? Is it my fault? Could I have done more? Why it is possible that they love their addiction more than you? How do you know if a relationship is strong enough to fight an addiction? How can you get back the relationship you had before their addiction made you discouraged?

In addition, you'll discover these fantastic secrets to overcoming addiction:

Don't know the first thing about addiction treatment?  Find out about all the different treatments for addictions and which one is best for your situation!

Stuck in the same old rut?  We tell you what's keeping your partner in their addiction and how to kickstart real, long-lasting transformation!

Feel like you are in some way responsible for your partner's addiction? We share with you why this is not the case and look at the root causes of addiction. Don't take the blame for this one!

Feel like every time you try to talk to your partner about addiction, they run away?  We teach you how to introduce the topic of addiction without having to censor everything you say!

Feel like you're the one always giving too much in your marriage?  We give you useful tips to make sure you are getting your needs met too and avoid letting the addiction take over completely.

Feel like the addiction is only the beginning of the problems in your marriage?  We show you what other changes need to be made in your marriage to break these negative patterns of behavior.

Wish that your family and friends would stop asking you what's going on? Get a fresh perspective on how friends and family can help you through this!

Struggling to understand what you and your partner are going through?  We explain what your relationship is going through, and how you can take something positive out of this and strengthen your marriage!
Want to understand what's going on inside an addict's mind?  Listen and learn about what motivates your partner to develop an addiction and how they believe it has a calming influence on them. This is a subconscious motivation!
Want to know what resources are out there beyond addiction transformation?  Learn what resources and support are out there for people who are out the other side of an addiction. Minimize your chances of a relapse and reinforce your change.
Want some specific tips to help you respond to this addiction?  We share with you the best secrets to support your partner without supporting the addiction.

Once you learn all of the above, I promise you that you'll increase your understanding and experience dramatic transformations in your approach to addictions! And the results will be real and long-lasting.

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Will These Methods Really Work for You?

How to Change Your Partner from Addiction is a course designed for the real problems confronting real partners of addicts. I can guarantee that you will be amazed by the insights and bowled over by the fact that you never before thought about how much this addiction is taking over all aspects of your marriage happiness!

Most important of all, these methods will NOT require you to...

  • ...become your partner's personal counselor.
  • ...spend a lot of money you don't have on ineffective addiction treatment.
  • ...ignore that there is a problem of addiction in your marriage.
  • ...encourage or support the addiction.
  • tricks on your partner to "cure" them from their addiction.

But here's the catch: you have to be committed to the process and willing to follow through. Watch these instant-access online videos - or listen to the audio version or read the ebook version - with an open mind and practice these techniques before you judge them.

The alternative is to continue going on the way you have and watch the same old mistakes occur over and over again. You have to ask yourself why your partner is unwilling to seek or receive help. Chances are that it's because you're not taking the correct approach.

But if you are prepared to make the commitment to try something new, I am sure that you will be amazed with the results. You'll learn what the keys are to motivate your partner to seek help and transform their life.

You have a choice right now: keep going the way you're going and keep getting the same results, or give something new a try and invite the possibility of making a positive change in your marriage and recreating the fulfilling relationship that you once had!!

You Can't Afford to Be Following a Plan That Isn't
Giving You Results!

Look, if you...

  • Truly want a loving, real addiction-free relationship that will last into your retirement years...
  • Are experiencing ANY addiction problem that needs immediate attention...
  • Have spent lots of time and money on fixing this addiction issue but have had limited results...
  • Are frustrated about how much painstaking work you've put into getting your partner to quit their addiction, all for nothing...
  • Are fed up with all that useless magazine column marriage and addiction advice...


Our Relationship Experts see the same marriage and addiction issues that you deal with on a daily basis. They know exactly what you are going through. They know their advice really works. How do they know? Well, their results speak for themselves!

Here's the Best News of All: You Made It Here Just in Time to Take Advantage of an Unprecedented Offer!

We are offering this instant-access online course with 1-1/2 hours of marriage and overcoming addiction information focused specifically on the challenges faced by partners of addicts - while attracting a more loving and addiction-free partner back into your life for the incredibly low introductory price of RRP $67.00 $49.95!!!

Plus, I'm throwing in a 40 page full-color workbook (that normally sells for $19.95) absolutely free.

Check out the P.S. at the bottom of this page for more details of the Free Bonus!

Order Now and Get the Answers You Are Looking for When It Comes to Recognizing and Dealing With Addiction Once and For All...

After going through my course, you will begin to see how these ideas can totally transform your approach to the addiction problem in your marriage. By adopting these secrets into the way you live your life and interact with your partner, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your relationship, resulting in a much better chance of overcoming addiction and preventing a relapse!

To order your copy of How to Change Your Partner from Addiction right now, simply click the BUY NOW button below. You will then be directed to Clickbank, our Secure Online Retailer, where you will be asked to fill in the payment details. You'll be taken immediately to our Super-Secure Members Area, where you can start watching and downloading the videos (in both Quicktime & Windows Media Player format), listening to the audio version (in easily accessible MP3 format) or uploading it to your iPod, or reading the ebook version (PDF) within minutes!!

Even if you have a slow computer or don't have a program to watch the videos, you don't have to worry! We provide you with links to download free versions of the programs you need.

Ordering with us is Safe, Simple, and Secure, so order your How to Change Your Partner from Addiction Online Course today and get my Official "How to Change Your Partner from Addictions" Workbook for free!

Your No-Risk 8-Week Moneyback Guarantee

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedThat's right! Take up to 56 days to examine and use the information, tips and techniques in How to Change Your Partner from Addiction. That's 8 weeks to put these valuable strategies to work in understanding and helping your partner overcome the addiction that is threatening your relationship.

Try the techniques yourself, using the methods discussed in our course. I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back!

So, To Recap, By Ordering Today You Will Receive:

How to Change Your Partner from Addiction... an instant-access online course in video, audio, and ebook formats which includes 1-1/2 hours of invaluable information on recognizing addictions, finding ways to talk about addiction with your partner, focusing on positive actions you can take, finding keys to transformation, detoxification and core therapies, and relapse prevention.
As an Introductory Bonus you will also receive my Official Course Workbook worth $19.95 (see the P.S. below), and...

An 8-Week Guarantee to examine and use the addiction transformation and treatment information, tips and techniques in How to Change Your Partner from Addiction. That's 56 days to put these valuable strategies to work in your marriage.

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So what are you waiting for?? Get the How to Change Your Partner from Addiction today!!!

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Andrew Rusbatch
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How to Change Your Partner From Addiction WorkbookP.S. When You Order The DVD Series, You Get the Official "How to Change Your Partner from Addiction" Workbook ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Review the concepts you have learned, keep notes on your personal ideas, record your progress in understanding addictions, and follow our recommended reading list. This 40 page workbook can be read on your computer or printed out to carry with you at any time. It's a useful memento to remind yourself of the lessons you've learned and inspire yourself and give you strength when you need it.


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