Can I purchase directly from Save My Marriage Today?

Save My Marriage Today is committed to making the purchase and order process as simple and secure as possible, both for our customers benefit as well as ours.

For this reason we use Clickbank, a third party payment retailer, to process all of our online transactions.

Clickbank is one of the world's largest payment retailers and is considered one of the most secure processors in the world. That's why we choose Clickbank to handle all of our online processing.

It's in our best interests to make it as safe as possible for you as well as for us.

All of our online transaction processing is handled by Clickbank, and for your security and ours, we do not accept direct purchases in the form of cash, checks, or money transfers.

We are committed to making the ordering and payment processing for all of our products as safe as possible to minimize the risk of fraud, and we consider direct purchases to be high-risk.

If you are interested in purchasing our course, please go to the secure purchase order form on the site. You can feel comfortable purchasing "Save My Marriage Today" in the knowledge that your transaction is being handled in the safest manner possible.


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