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Are you seeking more resources on how to save your marriage, stop divorce, or heal your relationship? The websites below contain useful information to educate yourself and find the advice you need to rebuild your relationship.

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000 Relationships Network: Discover more great dating and relationship e-courses from the folks you trust at SaveMyMarriageToday!

Meet Your Sweet: The latest network of dating, relationships, and personal transformation courses from the creators of Save My Marriage Today!

Free Articles and Marriage Research

Marriage Builders: Hundreds of pages of free information on how to save your marriage from infidelity, how to support your partner's emotional needs, how to navigate the first year of marriage and the birth of a child, and more.

Marriage Missions: Free advice on how to strengthen Christian marriages.

Realistic Expectations in a Marriage: This article provides a series of tips on how to adjust to the changes required when a person changes from their single life to married life.

Why Marriage is a Matter of Life and Death: This article is a must-read for couples considering divorce. You'll discover why saving your marriage is so important and what it could mean to your health.

How to catch cheating wife or husband: Do you suspect your husband or wife of cheating on you? Learn how to get to the bottom of what's going on and catch your partner in the act.

Save My Marriage Today LIVE Blog:Topical and informative articles and thoughts from the Save My Marriage Today team.

eBooks and Seminars

**Imago Therapy** Dr. Harville Hendrix, author of Getting the Love You Want, and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt pioneered "Imago Relationship Training," an innovative way of looking at marriage. Their website offers seminars, a list of Imago-trained therapists, and information on what Imago Therapy is and how it can help you.

Marriage Alive: David and Claudia Arp are marriage and family educators who give seminars across the United States. Free newsletter available.

How to Win an Ex Back: Tigress Luv has a magic touch when it comes to relationship advice. This book is one of the bestsellers when it comes to advice on getting your ex back and secrets of seduction. Best of all, signing up gives you access to her lively online forums where you can discuss the best tips and tactics with people from around the world. Don't miss it!

101 Tips On How To Become A Man Magnet: This book is full of awesome tips that will definitely get men’s attention. Some of men’s desires in women are obvious, but how do women get there and succeed? In this e-book everything women need to know is explained. This e-book is written so all the facts are there but it doesn’t drag on. It teaches you how to build confidence, how to be his friend, how to recapture his attention and much more.


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Marriage relationships: Sex therapy, intimate issues, marriage relationships ... award-winning psychologist Dr. Block answers all questions. Attend one of his couples seminars or purchase one of his books. Free newsletter.

Your Marriage Counselor: Dr. Marty Tashman provides a website that is an excellent resource for anyone seeking a marriage counselor or help with their relationship.

Marriage Advice: offers a large supportive community who helps each other with marriage and relationship problems like infidelity, parenting, and family issues.

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