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Love on The Run: How To Put The Buzz Back Into Breakfast

by Andrew Rusbatch
co-author of Save My Marriage Today

Have you ever considered how busy your life is and how little quality time you have spent with your partner in the past?

How can couples who are busy professionals with careers that consume their time and energy schedule some precious moments to spend with each other? Business lunches, out of town trips, late-night meetings all take their toll on a relationship.

You're both on the fast track to success, you live in an executive house in an upscale neighborhood and you have his and hers BMWs. Time at home means working on files and reports, your head buried in a laptop. If you want to see your spouse you practically have to make an appointment with her secretary.

What can you do to ensure quality time with your significant other, not just on your annual holiday but every day of your life? Here are some great strategies which you can employ on a daily basis.

Why not get up a little earlier so that you can have breakfast together, especially if you've been in the habit of grabbing a bagel and a java fix as you run out the door?

With a little advanced preparation you can sit down to a great breakfast and some wonderful conversation. Instead of that frazzled feeling that besets you every morning, you'll be relaxed and refreshed, ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Try some of these simple ideas. Frozen unbaked croissants, available at your grocery store, can be placed on a cookie tray, covered with parchment paper and left to rise in a warm place overnight.

Simply pop them in the oven when you get up and voilà: you have a wonderful French bistro breakfast: warm, flaky croissants served with butter and strawberry jam, accompanied by bowls of foamy lattes. Put on an Edith Piaf CD, pretend you're in Paris and... well, who knows where that will take you?

Alternatively, mix up some muffin batter in advance, freeze uncooked in muffin tins and then pop a tray in the oven when you get up. There's something about the fresh-baked scent of wonderful apple-cinnamon muffins that just makes you want to linger over breakfast.

Serve them accompanied by a fresh fruit salad, made the night before. And how long does it take to pop a dollop of butter in the frying pan, whip up eggs and cream and produce light and fluffy scrambled eggs or omeletes?

Be sure to put aside the morning paper. The last thing the love of your life wants to see is you hiding behind the local rag. You can read the headlines on your laptop at work anyway. Turn off the radio and the TV--they are just annoying distractions that will keep you from communicating with your spouse.

You don't really need to worry about the latest daily disaster anyway: it's already happened and there's nothing you can do about it. But you can do something about your relationship, right here and now. You can spend precious moments with your best friend.

By making time for each other in the morning, before you head off to work, you reconnect as a couple. Talk about the day that lies ahead, share any little anxieties or worries you might be feeling, get some reassurance that your big presentation in front of the boss will be a success. And don't forget those little hugs and pats
that say "I care."

Instead of heading off to work in separate cars, see if it's feasible to carpool with your spouse. Not only will you save on gas, but there'll be more time to spend together.

It may be a little inconvenient at times, but on the plus side you'll also be able to have an after work dinner in town occasionally and even draw the line on those late-night meetings your boss is so fond of. (Just because he hasn't got a life is no reason for you to abandon yours.)

Make those little times count. You may be surprised at the difference it makes!


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