How to Save a Marriage (even if it isn’t trouble!)

All stable marriages have the same key ingredients that have kept them going strong, whether a couple has been together for 5 years or 5 decades.

Knowing how to save a marriage starts with taking care of it even before it reaches a critical point.  Doesn’t it make sense to *prevent* problems from occurring aside from being prepared for them?

After all, you’ll have an easier time dealing with the those future speedbumps if you focus on strengthening your marriage today.  As such, you can practice certain habits which will keep the overall health of your marriage in good condition.

For instance, each while marriage celebrates the union of two people, you should never forget your individual personalities.  Simply being a clone of each other is not how it’s supposed to be.

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Don’t make the mistake of letting your identity disappear into the relationship because your distinct persona is what made you attractive to your partner in the first place.

That’s why both you and your spouse needs the time and space to do your own thing from time to time.  Allowing yourselves to indulge in whatever hobbies or interests each of you have is a great way to unwind and recharge the batteries.

This also gives you the opportunity for personal growth as this is a very important factor behind a successful marriage.  Preserving your sense of self ensures that you have something fresh and unique to contribute to your relationship.

Here’s another tip on how to save a marriage: love is more than the initial feelings of passion and romance.

A lot of couples in distress often complain that they’re “no longer in love” with their partner.  What they don’t understand is that their romantic emotions will evolve into a deeper sense of loving over time.

Also, all marriages go through a life cycle.  All couples will transition from one phase to the next, bringing them closer to a lasting and unconditional kind of love.

Once the honeymoon stage is over, spouses will begin to see each other’s imperfections and difference in belief systems.  This is often referred to as a “reality check” which some couples cannot get past.

So, learning how to save a marriage begins with simply being aware of this fact.  Acknowledging that these challenges exist makes it easier to respond to them accordingly.

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In other words, just because you aren’t “in love” with your spouse doesn’t mean that the marriage is doomed.  Your relationship is only going through a transition.

Thus, it’s necessary to have conflict resolution skills to properly manage conflicts as they come up.  It also helps to learn to accept and work around each other’s faults instead of fighting against it.

On another note, effectively communicating your feelings without launching a personal attack against your spouse is a good way to resolve marital disputes.

It’s not enough to just talk more often; you need to get your point across while maintaining that all-important sense of respect for one another.

While these two important tips on how to save a marriage are very helpful to keep your relationship on track, feel free to check out the rest of this site for even more useful pointers.

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